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by The Willie Wagtails

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Minka! 05:18
You flew ten thousand K's You arrived on Sunday afternoon And the best that I could do Was make a cup of tea for you We were tired and yawning We watched the sun come up on new years morning What a bloody great weekend! You made my hair stand up on end Why does there have to be All this water between you and me? I can sometimes swim the pool Jump the fence right after school Chorus: Ooooh, Minka oh oh Ooooh, Minka oh oh Let's explore every inch of Berlin Should we go out, or should we stay in? Where is the transit desk? Turkish Airlines took me to Tehran I can't wait to hold your arm You left me suitably impressed So I'll have to look my best I can't​ wait to see you in the flesh Now is totally the time To do what we can't do online Nearer than we've ever been You've never seen such antics quite like these You're a strong and lusty girl We'll travel all around the world CHORUS It's raining quite a bit Your apartment overlooks the street On the day when I arrived You weren't the girl that I admired You knew that I was coming Half a year you let our feelings stew Berlin is kind of good but nothing That you said to me was true I was like a souvenir Maybe it was Melbourne that you liked Like a stupid stuffed koala Hanging from the dashboard of your life I was feeling really jetlagged Everything was really European You wouldn't even hold my hand I spent the day at the museum CHORUS!
Everybody's up and hanging about Should we stay in or should we go out? I reckon I know what's on your mind Coz we get pretty cheeky when we're alone And we won't stop until the cows come home But when we go drinking, we just drink tea But then I saw your face and I held my breath Coz you're my friend and I'll try my best We'll be ok if we count to three Chorus: Show me your hands, show me your hands In the Northcote night Show me your hands, show me your hands In the kitchen light Show me your hands, show me your hands In the kitchen light Remember all those words that you tried to say It was a worn out song that you tried to play Still, you played heaps of notes that night I know that I'm shitty when I'm being a sook But you can run around like a headless chook Maybe we were blinded by the light All of our adventures, well we've had a few But this is the last time that I'll wait for you Coz I'm still hurting from that fight CHORUS
You told me once that you fucked by the tennis court Must've startled the possums nearby I was impressed, coz you were confident and wild Autumn is here just in time to break my heart The sun is blue in the Fitzroy sky People are out and I can balance on the slackline I left the house round 10 with no shoes on my feet You never told me why All of my friends hanging out in the park Chorus: Oh how I love the Edinburgh gardens It's a cracker of a day in July You were a fake but this beaut park is real The day that we met I sung your praise on the internet And none of it was a lie And in return you made my winter bittersweet We messed about for the best part of a month I was bold and you were sly You turned me on from my head down to my feet You were as scared Just as scared as I was of you Now here I am in the Edinburgh gardens CHORUS
Collingwood 04:15
This old place well it's seen some sights, well It's been a sharehouse for fifteen years And I don't know if it's time to go Or if I should stay here for one more year I can't sleep coz the walls are shaking My housemates keeping me up all night The roof is leaking, the doors won't close But at least we know we're in Collingwood Chorus: The doors are banging and creaking, the walls and the paint are peeling We can't really afford to stay but we'll stick around for one more day I just wanted some shuteye, but I'm not getting much sleeping I can't keep from losing my socks but we're all living in Collingwood I tried begging and I tried reason They're yelling and moaning and turning on the lights The walls are thin, I can't block the din of my Housemates keeping me up all night I'm like Noah Taylor in an crusty old sharehouse In Queensland, but it's a whole lot more cold And raining, the rent that we're paying It's about a thousand bucks a minute That's why we have to play this song so fast But we're real close to where all our friends live It's all the rage here in Collingwood CHORUS
My old man well he's a full time grump Looks like he's really hit the turps And if I don't answer his call, then he Watches channel 9 and soaks it up Since 1989 he's been low on luck Ever since the day he lost her He's had no-one at all Except me and I'm no bloody doctor! On Strathbogie hill he had a brilliant sheepdog pup She was three parts dingo at least And she always came when he called But they had no insurance But they had a rusty shack It was a corrugated iron tower And they had an old Toyota And he'd spend three or four hours Tryna start the bastard thing at half past five Chorus: Take the box of matches, and we'll pile up all the branches over here In the paddock in Strathbogie burning whispers only you can hear Start the old Land Cruiser, before all our happy memories disappear You can sit up on my knee and, i'll accelerate and you can steer She was rough as guts She was as tough as nails She was his trouble and his strife, But when the flames are a hundred metres tall A dog's as useful as an ashtray on a bike Now he's feeling down He's a big tough fella He's watching question time on the news And I can't help him much at all If he keeps his feelings locked up in the cellar
One morning when my car broke down Stuck by the road And the sun it shone like gold and ochre I had nothing to do for three sweet hours Apart from listen to the sound Of the sheep and of the cows And I wish that I had forgotten I wish that I had missed To pay for the roadside assist Chorus: And the moon was bold and shined like precious shiny silver And I unrolled my bed And I lay down my weary head And the wind was cold the fire burned like precious gold In the gathering storm It's keeping me warm I waited there til they rescued me I tried my best To maintain my cool and my composure And I called in for the Merton tow truck Coz the ignition lines were torn And the headlights and the parking lights were gone And everything was leaking coolant And the engine valves were blocked And the steering wheel was locked CHORUS The mechanic he smiled and he clicked his tongue He said that I might be here for some time He knew the game as soon as he pulled over And the valley shone in the light of the morning As I sat in my car Talking to the crow and the galah And I called in for a mental health day Guess I won't get to see them Well carpe the fucking diem CHORUS


released December 12, 2017


all rights reserved



The Willie Wagtails Melbourne, Australia

The Willie Wagtails write ocker jazz songs with trumpet, fiddle and banjo.

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