Bushrangers Need Bush

by The Willie Wagtails

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    We're very proud to release our debut ocker jazz extravaganza Bushrangers Need Bush!

    Click here to pre-order the real life CD, delivered to your door by one of our fleet of actual Willie Wagtails. In training for the past six months, the fleet represents the cutting edge in low emission bush technology and has a fairly good success rate.

    The CD has original artwork by Reg Mombassa and features 12 tracks recorded by Damien Charles at Sound Recordings in Campbell's Creek in April/May 2015, later mixed and mastered by Chris Korczynski.

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released December 23, 2015


all rights reserved



The Willie Wagtails Melbourne, Australia

The Willie Wagtails write ocker jazz songs with trumpet, fiddle and banjo.

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Track Name: Geoffrey
I know that you’re a big famous celebrity
I know that you’ve got your name up in lights.
There is a bit of an age gap between us
But I think we can make it work alright.

My housemate told me that you were looking for
Lessons in bandoneon,
You searched the whole wide city of Melbourne
But the only one teacher was his friend.

Oh Leo won’t you give me lessons in bandoneon?
I think I wanna learn it too.
Lets all go over Leo’s house
And have a cup of tea or two.

Oh Geoffrey please don’t rush
Oh Geoffrey please don’t rush!
Why don’t you come back and wait for me
Oh Geoffrey please don’t rush.

I remember the time that I first saw you
You were walking into the Arts Centre.
I just stopped in to use the facilities
And when I came out, there you were.

You looked like you were in a mighty hurry
I wondered what could be the source of your fuss.
Then I remembered they’re putting on an exhibition
Devoted to Mr Geoffrey Rush.
Track Name: Tent By The Creek
All day long she’s batting at the flies
Away from her mouth and away from her eyes
Me old man said she’s wild as a wallaby
The way she looks is daylight robbery

I want you in a tent by the creek
Won’t you come over one night this week?
Old mate Mog is sitting on the bed
And I wanna touch your hairy legs
Track Name: Sun Is Water
Look up it's all around ya
Not in the ground you're digging
Proudly flogging what you mind your tongue
There's no telling the damage you have done
The world will turn and leave behind
The blind leading the blind, and you say

There is no profit behind the sun
Just enough to keep your batteries on the run
Every camel's got to fill his hump
And the sun that beat you down will charge you up
Charge you up, charge you up.

Look up, they're all around ya
They're popping up like mushrooms
On the roofs of every – how's this heat?
Just crack an egg and cook it on the street
It's the middle of July, it's feeling dry on top Mt Bulla, and you say

There is no profit behind the sun
Just enough to keep your batteries on the run
Every camel's got to fill his hump
And the sun that beat you down will charge you up
Charge you up, charge you up.
Track Name: Stars!
Stars! Bright up in the sky, look at the stars
Watch them fade away, it's never been so nice
Stars! Where's the Southern Cross up in the sky?
It's not just on your chest, or on the ute you drive

Stars make me feel something
Stars make me feel something
Stars make me feel something new ...

Stars! More than you can poke a stick at, stars
Dead before they reach us but they're still so bright
Stars! Flaming balls of gas up in your arse
Have you got a light, we'll make our own big bang


Up in the sky so far away
Up in the sky so far away
Why go to mars, we're already
Why go to mars, we're already
Track Name: Big Sis
Here I am at 5am with a pot of Melbourne breakfast tea
Couldn't sleep until the alarm, my brain just keeps on racing
In 20 minutes I'll be racing down that train line
I'll be speeding further away from you, putting space between out lives

Why's it got to be like this? I don't understand.
You're my heart and soul, that warm thing that makes me feel at home
All that music that we share, it flows so easily from me to you
And now it's gone and I'm sitting here alone

Riding into the sunset, yeah that was me and you
We're like two peas in a pod, you always told me what to do
I never for a second questioned your wise words
You were just doing your job, paving the way for two

And they say I look like Dad and they say you look like Mum
We've both got that curly hair that never wants to stay
The sound that comes out when I laugh reminds me of you
And we rock those late night jams in that good old country way

And these two little birds have flown far from their home
I know just how you like to roam, but sister won't you come back home?

This country is so bloody huge, we were bound to go our separate ways
I used to live in Tassie and now I'm in Melbourne town
And when you're still up in Sydney doing that old nine-to-five
I'll be trying to make ends meet, I'll be doing it for life

I don't know how many times I cried to you about my worries
My face must be just like a polished river stone
You always listened patiently and by the time I'm finished
I remember I didn't ask you - hey Sis what's going on?

And these two little birds have flown far from their home
I know just how you like to roam, but sister won't you come back home?
Track Name: Old Melbourne Town
I have been around in Old Melbourne Town
I’ve had leaky roofs and old creaky floors
And I’ve lived with blokes, blokes with dreams and hopes
Hopes and dreams, behind the flyscreen doors

Some grew up in houses and some grew up in homes
But I lived in a leaky caravan
Where the wind would roar, as the kettle boiled
And the sausages were frying in the pan

So come on all you ratbags all you blighters all you lot
Let's all build a big roaring fire
And old Melbourne Town will make a noise so loud
A noise so loud, it won't ever settle down

You threw up at Bar Open, you threw up at the Tote
You chundered at the old 303
And you sing tra la la, as you're pouring them down your throat
And we’re rambling in the wide open country

So lets be dero hippies and drive around the land
Round Australia, on highway number one
Through the pouring rain, we never wanna come back again
Back again, coz we’ve never had so much fun
Track Name: VCA Dropout
Oh everyone wants to be a cat,
not just any old cat they say
Ever since I was a little boy I said
“I wanna be a jazz cat at the VCA!”

So I signed me up to jazz school
and I thought it’d be grouse
Until that day I realised
I’m not a cat I’m a mouse

Well I worked my fingers to the bone
And I blew as hard as I could blow
Altho I tried so hard I know
I’ll never be a cat they say

You better straghten up your whiskers boy
Better shine up that old horn
Lock yourself in that small dark room
or you’ll wish you’d never been born
All: Yeah you’ll wish you’d never been born!

All: I’m a VCA Dropout and I’m ok
Jhana: I drink all night and I sleep all day
All: He’s a VCA Dropout and he’s alright
Jhana: I howl at the moon and the stars all night

Sylvester Garfield Tom and Felix
They’re gonna get me if I don’t watch it
They got all the mojo
And they got all the blues

Well I just don’t fit in with the kids
They told me that’s for sure
Oh get me out of this institute
I’m taking back the floor

All: Jerry the mouse, he dropped out of VCA
Jhana: Now he drinks all night and he sleeps all day
All: Jerry the mouse he dropped out and he’s alright
Jhana: Now he howls at the moon and the stars all night
Track Name: Keys Wallet Phone
You called me up to let me know
My head's flown out the window
I left the house and passed the point of no return
I'll never learn to check for keys wallet phone!

Don't forget to check for keys wallet phone
Before you leave them at home ... Keys wallet phone!

I've heard it all too many times
Got holes like swiss cheese in my head
The thought occurred some time ago
But now I'm half way up the road

But I'll remember next time, I won't forget
Drank a little too much wine last night
And smoked a funny cigarette
But things will change, I know
Something's gotta give
If I pack the bag the night before
And leave it by the door, she'll be right

She hears the six bells ring
And taps the screen, goes back to dreaming
The moments drift away without a thought a care or feeling
You snooze you lose the time by then you can't rewind the panic
Within a moment you're awake and out the door
It hadn't crossed you mind ...

To bring the keys wallet phone!
Track Name: Good Old Green and Gold
When I was a boy me mum made soup
When I was a tacker me mother smoked tobacca
When I was a young man pissing in a tin pan
Mash and bangers, chips and sangas

Me dear old ma would always say
You gotta go to school you can't stay this way
But what's the use of education
I'm OK coz I'm Australian

When I was a bloke with Dazza and the guys
We'd go camping and light bush fires
We'd have a crack at every stranger
Carrying on like a drunken bushranger

I don't like sport, and I'm sorry but you've got no right to bother me
I'll stick to my own backyard even though it's very big, and very wide
I'm full of misguided patriotic pride, and I don't understand.

But I've got a ute, and I'll drive through the Nullabor with you and me
We'll sleep in a tent by the sea, even though your hair is very long, and very wide
Coz bushrangers they need bush

So let's light a bonfire and
Let's have a barbie aw
We'll cook up all our favourite things
Let's cook up the Liberal party

Come around FOR A BARBIE
Barmy Army on the barbie!

Princess Mary ON THE BARBIE
Royal family ON THE BARBIE
Queen mother ON THE BARBIE
Track Name: Old Yellow Moon
When the moon hits the river
He cried how can you lie there so still, oh my love
When I see him I shiver
It reminds me of my own forgotten love

When you were near everything was clear
I was always seeing rainbows
But now you're gone I can't bear the sun
How did everything get so tangled?
Every night, that old yellow moon
He cries, "why don't you take a chance with me?"

When I saw your face in the marketplace
I was hooked like a fish in the sea
Why did you let me fall into your net?
I know who your angel is and it's not me
Every night, that old yellow moon
He cries, "why don't you take a chance with me?"
Track Name: Not Gonna Mow My Lawn
Don't forget that you've got legs you won't ever have again
Don't spend your days all working don't you waste your days in bed
Do your work in the early morning, do your loving in the afternoon
Get on your feet and raise your head, put on ya socks and go to the beach

Each and every morning In old Melbourne town
There are people building houses, there are people tearin em down
Every single satdy morning mowing the nature strip
Well I'm not gonna renovate and I'm not gonna mow my lawn

The sun is fucking shining, the sky is bloody blue
Get some pepper in your trousers coz the day is fresh and new
Don't knock it till you've tried it get some sparkle in your eyes
Some dirt under your fingers garn and get some exercise!

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